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Imlod Nir is a young man caught up in a resurging conflict between primordial forces. Apprenticed to his sister--the self-styled Queen of Earth--in the dark art of necromancy, he hunts the wilds beyond the city of Ramfiram for those who would deny her rule. But with each passing day he becomes less sure of his role and more unable to cope with his past deeds. Is he destined to play the pawn in his sister's game until the end, or does fate have something else in store? 

Dragan Saedus is a bastard prince who cares nothing for thrones, desiring only glorious battle. As a peerless warrior and famed slayer of supernatural foes, he laughs at danger and answers to no one except his mother: a fanatical witch plotting to crush the West beneath her heel. Yet as the cost of retaining his dreadful power grows steeper than ever before, the DoomBringer has a decision to make. Will he stay on the path that shaped him into a living legend, or might he be drawn to another calling?


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Daemon Rising


"The plot is complex and extensive, but the quality of the writing is what makes this novel truly special. John William follows in the proud tradition of J.R.R. Tolkien, George R.R. Martin, Terry Goodkind, and Robert Jordan, namely in his attention to expressive prose over cheap thrills and quick payoffs."

Self-Publishing Review, Daemon Rising by John William