Daemon Rising

Daemon Rising is John William's debut fantasy series.  The first two books (Ramfiram DoomBringer) were published as a duology yet work to set the stage for future novels in the series.


Ramfiram begins the story of Imlod Nir, an apprentice necromancer struggling to accept the role of hunter/assassin under his godlike sister's yoke.  Readers of Book 1 will note the initial dark, introspective feel of the novel as Imlod navigates in mind, body, and spirit through scenes dealing with lost family, blind devotion, and impending fatherhood: a path leading ultimately to reinvention…and revenge.



DoomBringer introduces a fresh cast of characters and setting, seeming to break away from Book 1 to begin a new tale of its own.  As events unfold, however, the reader will discover clues linking the two books together through a shared origin story—and at DoomBringer's conclusion, the separate plotlines suddenly converge.  Readers of Book 2 will likely notice the influence of Homer's Iliad and identify DoomBringer's protagonist, Dragan Saedus, with Achilles.  Epic battles filled with larger-than-life figures are bridged by scenes of intrigue, loyalty, and romance as Dragan mirrors Imlod Nir's ascension from a leashed servant to the master of his own fate.

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ISBN 978-0-692-06088-9

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